Bill McClintock

Bill McClintock played for Pete Newell at the University of California and started on the 1959 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP team (25-4) and 1960 NCAA runner-up team (28-2). A lifelong bond between Newell and McClintock was formed. Based on the impact of their relationship, McClintock has continued learning and dedicated his life to teaching basketball the Newell way.  He communicated and worked closely with Coach Newell until his passing in 2008.

Message from Coach McClintock:
"My coach Pete Newell was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1978. My coach is often considered one of the most influential figures in the history of basketball, a true guru. Coach Newell was recognized around the world for his teaching of fundamentals and methodology specializing in front court play.  As a tribute to my coach, our focus remains on teaching the fundamentals, footwork and spacing that will help any player to improve their game."

Pete Newell said of McClintock:
"Bill McClintock who played basketball for me at Cal has worked the Big Man Camp and Tall Women's Camp. He has coached successfully at the high school and college levels and can teach 'the big man and tall women concepts' of the game which include post and wing positions.  He is aware of my philosophy regarding reading the defense and reacting. He is highly capable of teaching at any level up to and including the professionals. He comes with my highest recommendation."

McClintock Camp History with Coach Newell

Considered "America's Basketball Guru", Newell’s teachings at the University of California became the cornerstones of the Big Man’s Camps, which McClintock worked for over a decade alongside his former coach.

From 2001 until 2008, Pete Newell and Bill McClintock opened and operated “Pete Newell's Tall Women's Basketball Camp" following a simple sentence serving as a summary of its intentions: "The Pete Newell Tall Women's Basketball Camp goal is to continue to do what Pete Newell has done his whole life-to teach the fundamentals and footwork of the game of basketball to young players." Former attendees of the Pete Newell Tall Women’s Camp include 11 players who have have played in the WNBA and dozens professionally overseas. The camp’s distinguished alumna also includes student-athletes from over 140 intercollegiate basketball programs.

Since 1976, camps that Bill McClintock has worked have provided NBA, WNBA, aspiring college players and international basketball players the opportunity to focus on footwork, spacing and fundamentals, while concentrating on reading the defense.